Sunday, February 20, 2011

Digital Media - New Learners Of The 21st Century

This a pretty interesting video about digital literacy. It implies that content knowledge and memorization are 20th century skills, whereas producing and creating are 21st century literacy skills... In it, it also quotes John Dewey as saying, "If we teach today’s kids the same way we did yesterday, then we rob them of tomorrow."


  1. Yes, I agree this is an exceptional video. I liked that James Gee commented throughout the video. One of his comments was "changing the ecology of reading and writing" is what technology is doing. I tried to take notes as I watched. I need to watch it again. I probably can since it is a "Snow Day!"

  2. Yeah, I took notes too as I watched! I really liked the first school that they showed about how gaming plays into so many aspects of literacy. I also really enjoyed the Chicago school and the museum scavenger hunt. I think the video did a nice job of not letting the specifications of the "projects," but rather the overall purpose or messages of the work get through. I think it did a good job of putting digital literacy in some very approachable contexts.