Monday, February 7, 2011

It is what it is...

What Does Technology Want? What is the Question and Answer Concerning Technology? In technium, sorted, evolutionary ways, this force, enframing, decongestion, ultimate regression, overpowering obsession, leaves me too with more questions. How can technology want or ask a question or not? It merely just haunts us each in our own ways. Ineffable, inscrutable, ambiguous, referable:  technology is our essence; it’s our presence. It’s our everyday, whatever we wish to make, whatever we want to make it. Technology is indefinable, it’s livable, breathable, unconceivable, and undeniable. It goes beyond limits, in our hearts, our cars, our phones, and in the stars. It over joys us, annoys us, entertains us and refrains us. We have the power to choose, the technology won’t loose, but we cannot be over-mused. What then should we really ask? What things should we look past? What parts of technology do we not openly accept, but yet we all secretly wish were adept—the epistemology of the tech. Why is technology only digital? It’s not. It’s ubiquitous, all around us, it is us, it is society, it is culture, it is our language, it is our freedom, our enframing, our reframing, our playing, our penetrating. It is us, all around us, so why do we act like it’s something so mysterious? We are technology, and it is us. It is what is it, and we are what we are. It is something different to each individual; the technological philosophical rhetoric is inevitable, but we should just accept it, love it, let it be. It is whatever it is, and that’s about it from me concerning technology. 

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