Monday, January 17, 2011

Insert Music from iTunes into a Keynote Presentation

As part of the Kick Start Activity 2 – Beginner – Effective and engaging blog posts challenge, I've gone through all the steps, and for step #4, it asks to: 

"Step 4: Write a post on your blog

Now it’s time to write a post on your blog.
It’s entirely up to you!
Here’s some ideas on what you could write about..."–-beginner-–-effective-and-engaging-blog-posts/

I've decided to write about the last option, "Review or share a favorite learning or technology tool that you use." This is something that may seem simple to some, but I've found that many students and teachers are not aware of how to add music to their slideshows in Keynote. 

To insert Music to a Keynote file...

When you have finished creating your Keynote, or you're ready to add the file, then click on the little "i" INSPECTOR icon in the upper right hand corner of the Keynote Toolbar. 

It may come up looking like this, depending on the settings. 

Look at the top part of the box here: 

And click on the "DOCUMENTS" tab,  the first one on the left hand side

It will come up like this: 

Now, click on the AUDIO tab in the middle

It will look like this

Next, click on the iTunes Library tab


Choose your file, or you can search too...

Then, you must click on your file and drag it into the INSPECTOR box



Change from  to and then it will play throughout the entire slideshow.   

        Also, you can do basically the same thing for transitions, automatic Transitions are under the "T" Tab. 

 I Hope this helps! Please email me with any questions!

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